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8 He Will not Instance Grape Fruit juice Without spoiling the fresh inciting event of which Mondstadt’s very tragic sis competition arrives – read the authoritative manga regarding explanation — there are numerous sub-textual clues indicating you to Kaeya’s stamina tips, if you don’t suits, compared to adoptive sister Diluc. Why cannot this seem sensible? Whenever you are fresh to Genshin then you’ve got probably heard you to definitely Blizzard Strayer items, Festering Interest, plus Rosaria, all are easily accessible need to-haves to own strengthening a daunting Kaeya, however these enhancements arrived days shortly after release. Kaeya are always brand new partner-favorite beginner reputation, but his convenience was nowhere near An excellent-tier until recently, and he yes never stored an excellent candle for the a lot of time-condition Pyro Queen. Both in the overall game in addition to manga, Genshin Impact frames the connection anywhere between Kaeya and you can Diluc to be largely you to definitely-sided, generally burdened from the Diluc. Kaeya helplessly expanded feeling shunned because of the simply person that know all about your, however it nonetheless seems like the guy longs for Diluc’s acceptance.