I love him so much and his lack of libido will never change that

I love him so much and his lack of libido will never change that If your partner doesn’t or has not been showing you the kind of affection you would like to experience outside of bedroom, it is unlikely it will translate to something heartfelt inside. Jo, actually, my husband does show me affection and genuine love in many ways, which is what makes me more understanding of his lack of a sex drive. He is affectionate, loving, attentive, romantic… I just need to overcome the feeling of being undesirable due to it. Thank you for your comment. A Guy Men need to understand https://besthookupwebsites.org/tantan-review/ that women have two different sets of needs; namely, comfort needs and arousal needs. For many women, these needs cannot be met by one man. A lot of women do not understand this duality because it is driven by survival of the species primal instinct embedded in the reptilian brain. I did not learn about this reality until I was going through divorce in my mid-fifties and started to study social dynamics as they apply to relationships and evolutionary anthropology/psychology. Contrary to what men are told by women, increasing comfort does not increase arousal. Arousal […]